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Check Out With An Extra Source of BPA

Next time you check out at the grocery store - you might be getting a little more than you bargained for with your grocery total. Like bisphenol-A  otherwise known as BPA. Yep. Turns out that thermal receipts may contain up to 1,000 times more BPA's than the epoxy lining of a tin can - the [...]

BPA Effects On Infants

The developing fetus and baby are the most vulnerable to BPA and their toxic effects. Sadly, babies are often exposed to more BPA than any age group, studies have even shown they are highly vulnerable during pregnancy. “Prenatal exposure, even in very low doses, can cause irreversible damage in an unborn baby’s reproductive organs.” According [...]

More news on the BPA story. Check out the: Diva guide to plastics. Check out the Diva Guide on safer plastic use. Coming soon in Diva Solutions - how we're reducing the use of plastic in our home. Don't forget the cans - BPA lines most of the canned goods that we consume! More on [...]

Lobbyists Devise Strategy To Protect Use of BPA

From The Washington Post: Industry Lobbyists Devised Strategy To Protect Use of BPA | Environmental Working Group.

I haven't yet written my post on BPA - it's coming, in the meantime take a look at this: Coca-Cola and Del Monte Caught in Plot to Deceive Moms and Minorities Over Dangers of BPA | Environmental Working Group.

4 Tips For Choosing Baby Formula

If You Are Formula Feeding - How do you choose the safest option for your Baby? Use these 3 tips to steer you in the right direction. 1. Choose Organic Formula If there is ever a time to spend the extra money on an organic, pesticide free options - this is it.  If you need [...]

Tips for Greener Living

1. Before You Buy - Use What You Have. Chances are you have a lot of stuff in your closets waiting to be used!  I've recently broken a habit of buying bulk.  One of my challenges has been to use what I have before moving on to greener and better options. Don't we just get [...]

FDA Supports Removing PBA's From Baby Formula!

Hot Off the Press! From the EWG: Washington, D.C. – Today’s decision by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reverse its position over the health risks posed by the chemical, bisphenol A (BPA) could be the Waterloo for the ubiquitous estrogen mimicking substance found in the blood and urine of almost every American. [...]

Plastics & Your Baby: Guide

If you live in North America and have an infant, chances are you are using plastics. If you are using plastics there is good reason to be informed and careful in their use. Whenever you can opt for stainless steel or glass alternatives.  That said, I use plastic and you likely will/do to.  Let's be [...]

Why Are American Children So Sick?

This is a good piece that illustrates why we need to take action and get concerned about the food we are feeding our families and the food our children are being fed away from us. By Robyn O'Brien - The Daily Green Since when did it get so hard to be a mom? Ten years [...]